I’ve been having it for the past two days and it sucks so much.

Although I don’t have to go to school it’s so boring at home because yesterday I was so weak I couldn’t even lift my cell phone.

I’m surprised I can even type this on a cpu.

Plus i can’t even sleep because my stomach hurt so much and I threw up my medication and I’m hungry.

so effing hungry.

akk i wanna do is eat junk food and try the cherry blossom starbucks frappe (that actually isn’t even cherry flavoured wf)t

someone help.



Okay so I planned to leave this website without a notice and start another online life with people I didn’t know (except for Lish, Ana, and Gemma cos those are the only people I’m still in contact with) but I’m in Thailand and remembered about the last time I was here almost 2 years ago and it was when we were doing the DD awards thing and God.

I am so glad I’m done with DD.

So anyway I just wanted to know if any of ya dmigas are out there (comment below) and who you are still talking with from time to time.

Also I’m sorry I stopped trying to keep our fandom together. I shouldn’t have let depression and irena get the best of me during grade six and stop blogging. Hopefully this gives me more closure.


Ariya ❤


I know one of them doesn’t have Libra (my sign) but that’s just because I think I should be there and my crush is in there :3. ALSO IN HOW TO ATTRACT THEY DON’T HAVE HIS CRUSH WHY.


It’s Bella thorne’s, Bruno Mars’, Nick Cannon’s, and Barbara Palvin’s, and my birthday today.

oh and wordpress just congratulated me on my 2nd year here!


It’s October 4th.

I had totally forgotten about Mean Girls yesterday.

This one week holiday has been a bit boring. I’ve spent the past 4 days listening to Pandora, doing HW, and social media-ing.

I can’t believe that’s how I’m going to spend my last week being 11 years old.

I also can’t believe we have to go back to school on my birthday (October 8th). That sucks.


QOTD: Nike or Adidas?


or a hour. whatever. SO I’M WATCHING ONE TREE HILL AND I’M OBSESSED WITH IT. I’m currently on season 3 right now but I could’ve been done with the whole thing half a year ago if I didn’t promise to take my time with the show. No one will probably be reading this but I really need to get this out.

So in 03×16, there’s this really depressed guy because all his friends (half of the main characters) drifted away from him in season one and then in either late season 2 or early season 3 all the juniors (so it was probably season 2) had to privately make a video of all their thoughts or basically whatever they wanted to say and they put it in a time capsule that wouldn’t be revealed until 50 years from then.

And then this b***** who’s new to the school found the videos and leaked them all over school and the internet. And then the depressed guy (Jim) on the videos talks about how everything is a lie and fake and blah blah blah so Luke and Mouth (both totally the best people on Earth) try to reunite with him and apoligise and blah and he forgives them until this other random dude and his friends start to beat him up because of what he said on the tape and he gets pissed and unforgives them.

Then in 03×17, the random dudes trashed Jim’s locker at school and Jim went all physcotic and took out a gun and shot the window (and basically no one noticed that it was him wtf) and everyone freaked out and left while some people locked themselves into classrooms. Sadly, Peyton was shot in the leg and Brooke had left her thinking that she was right behind her.

And then Jim is in a room with Haley, Skills, Bit**, and two other people without them knowing about Jim having the gun.

Nathan and Lucas go back into the school (they didn’t even get in trouble for that) to find Haley and Peyton. Lucas finds Peyton sitting behind a bookshelf in the library but they can’t leave since they’ll probably get shot if Lucas has to carry her cos if would attract attention.

Then Nathan finds Mouth in the hallway (who didn’t hear the shot) and they go together and go into the classroom with Haley in it after they unlock it then stuff happens then Jim is holding out a gun.

A lot of stuff happens, and then Lucas finally takes Peyton out of the school since she was close to dying and Jim runs out into the hallway and points the gun to them but Keith (Lucas and Nathan’s uncle) goes into the school to talk to Jim thinking he can talk sense into him. Lucas and Peyton leave.

Keith and Jim talk, and then Jim shoots himself (everyone who heard it thinking that he had shot whoever was in the hallway, not himself) and then Dan (Keith’s brother, Lucas and Nathan’s dad) goes into the hallway (there were people from the SWAT team outside yet it’s so easy for them to go inside), gets the gun that was on the ground and shoots Keith.

and that’s when I started crying and couldn’t stop.

and gosh, the next ep. was so depressing. Lucas is always frustrated and kicks over those memorial things for Jim that some people put in fronton jim’s locker (no one had witnessed Dan, so everyone thought Jim had killed Keith before he killed himself) and everyone gasps and Lucas’ mom thinks it’s Lucas’ fault that Keith was killed.

Honestly it was so hard to watch the next ep. and hold back my sobs. I can’t believe I had only just realized how happy Keith made everyone and how everyone needed him…I mean, he was going to marry Karen (Lucas’ mom) and adopt Lucas and they were all going to finally be happy and dan is just a as;kljgetnpihsglfiosda[tg.

I’m not even sure if I’m going to continue watching the show.



In my opinion, it looks kind of bad.

The acting is awkward and the script just seems off- like I can’t tell if it’s either for young viewers or if it’s PG 13 because she was talking about twerking and she may have used that bell/horn/whatever because she afraid that the guy would steal her bag but it could’ve been, y’know, something else.

Also why are they speaking loudly? I get that subways are normally loud but they were the only ones actually making noise until the guys started playing music :/

If you guys have a different opinion, let me know, though.

QOTD: if had to choose, would you rather be seven years older or younger?

AOTD: seven years older.